Welcome to Wild Man Farm, an experiment in living a more self-sufficient lifestyle on 1/3 of an acre.

Located in the Upper Midwest, in a small Wisconsin town, we are not a traditional farm. We have 40 hour (or more) a week jobs and in our free time we care for our two dogs, garden, brew beer & wine, raise chickens, and we’re renovating a 100 year old house, all within the city limits, and on a budget.

We started gardening because of our desire for fresher, better tasting food.  We were tired of plastic-tasting tomatoes and pale, flavorless eggs as the only choices for city dwellers who get their food from a store.  We could have paid more for organic veggies and eggs, but we are the “do-it-yourself” types, so we decided to make a small backyard garden.  Then we built a coop and bought some chickens.  It all started as a simple gardening/landscaping project that bloomed into something much larger, and way more fun.

Though we do cover a lot of gardening topics, this site is about much more than just gardening.  We have worked on many projects along the way while we were renovating this old house, some were money saving alternatives to more costly professional jobs, some we did just for the challenge of it, some were born of necessity, and some we did just for the fun of it.  We also have many more projects planned for the future.

In between our projects we will occasionally write up a quick post to share a favorite recipe or to give an in depth answer to a question that was emailed to us by a reader.

We have snapped pictures and kept track of our progress over the years, the good, the bad, and the disastrous.  We made this website with the hope of helping other people learn from our messes and successes, while maybe entertaining them along the way.

If you live in the city like us, maybe you too can try to find a little piece of the farm life, even if the closest thing to it now is a rerun marathon of Green Acres on your living room TV.  😀

Thanks for visiting us!

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Disclaimer: Some of our projects can be dangerous, such as cutting down trees, using power tools and wiring up electrical devices.  If you try to emulate any of our projects, you do so at your own risk, so please be careful.  If you are unsure of what you are doing, please seek the help of a professional.

Wild Man Farm, the wildmanfarm.com website and it’s contributors, advertisers, partners, and owners will not be held liable for any harm, damages or other losses resulting from the following of any advice, perceived advice or any other information found on our site.  All information on this site is to be considered for entertainment purposes only.  Sorry to have to write this, but we have to cover our butts too.  🙂



*Update 4-28-11

We are beginning to get some foreign visitors to our site (who would have thought that our little site would become international?!) so we have added a language translation tool to make our site easier to navigate.  We hope that our non-English speaking visitors will find this feature helpful.

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We’ve also added a polling system to our site which asks questions to our visitors in hopes of trying to get to know our readers better.  The polls will help us learn which subjects you are interested in and will help us to determine which projects we should work on (and write about) next.  We think they will be a fun way for our readers to learn more about each other too.  The polls will be changed from time to time, and we may take them down and bring them back every now and then.



*Update 3-20-11

We have made a few small graphical changes to our site’s header image.  In addition to some new seasonal themes to keep our site fresh with seasonal themes, we have modified our static header image with an animated one, giving our “chicken on the fence” a little more personality.  These images have a little bit larger file size than the old static images, so they will make our site load a little bit slower initially, but once the image is loaded it should not affect your browsing speed from page to page on our site.  This is just a fun and experimental change, please contact us to let us know if this slight slow down has negatively affected you.

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