Welcoming A New Puppy Into My Home


Posted in Dogs | Posted on 01-03-2013

FreddyAfter having to say goodbye to my dog Serra, my other dog Diego was having a hard time being alone.  He really missed his “big sis” and spent day and night sleeping on her spot on the couch.  I could lure him off for snacks and meals and to play outside with me, but he would quickly return to that spot and just lay there.  Diego had lost interest in playing with his toys and didn’t have much of an appetite.  He was in mourning.

Diego needed a new buddy to play with and take his mind off of Serra so I spent a few days trying to find the right puppy.  After a couple prospects failed to materialize, I found an ad on Craigs List for a 1 year old Boxer mix puppy named Fred.  Fred was in a foster home as part of the Last Paw Rescue animal shelter in Wisconsin who had rescued him from a kill-shelter when his time was up.

After filling out an online application and having my references checked, the foster parent of Fred drove (quite a distance in a snow storm) to my home to do my home inspection and make sure that Fred got along well with my other dog Diego.  Everything went well, and we welcomed Fred into our home that day.

It took Fred about 6 hours to master the use of the doggie door and he hasn’t had an accident in the house since the one he made on his first day here.

Diego and FredFred and Diego are getting along great!  Diego is so happy to have a new little “brother” and they spend hours playing together every day.  It’s so good to see Diego active again, his appetite is back and he’s showing interest in his toys again.

Now Diego has a little shadow following him everywhere he goes.  Fred looks up to Diego just like Diego did with Serra, and he’s learning very quickly how to live in his new home just by watching and imitating Diego.

Fred loves to run laps around the trees in the backyard, diving into the piled snow with a gleeful ferocity.  He brings a playful new energy into my home that is refreshing and keeps us all engaged and active.

Diego now runs around with Fred and is getting much more exercise than he was getting the last couple of years.  I can hardly wait until Springtime when the snow is gone and we can all play together on the lawn.

Thanks again to Fred’s foster family and the effort they made to get here in the snow storm, and thanks to the Last Paw Rescue in Wisconsin which gave Fred another chance.